Wild Therapy Events

4-6th October Introduction to Wild Therapy
a weekend residential of Hampshire Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy - HACP

with Emma Palmer

Therapy has wild aspects, and rather tame ones; both can be of value at different times and for different people. Mainstream psychotherapy and counselling is becoming increasingly identified with domestication and associated concepts such as objectivity and control, with proposals to standardise training and practice. As a counter-balance, this weekend workshop will be an exploration and celebration of therapy’s wildness, its capacity to transcend the limitations we place on our own creativity and connectedness.
  • Identifying the role of the other-than-human and more-than-human – animals, plants, trees, hills, rivers, winds, dreams, ghosts, spirits – in the therapeutic process
  • Recognising the interdependence of all beings through living and co-creating community
  • Exploring the dance between wildness and domestication both within and beyond us
  • Supporting the spontaneous and the unknown, trusting what is arising of its own accord
  • Celebrating embodiment as a central aspect of our existence in the simple exercises
  • Transforming fear-based defensive practice into contact-based, more adventurous practice
  • Being with our hopes and fears in the anthropocene
The weekend will be mainly experiential, with work taking place in pairs, alone, and with the whole group. We will spend a good deal of time working outdoors. Spending time ‘in nature’, as we call it, can help us to appreciate that we are never anywhere else, always inhabiting and encountering our own nature in all its wondrous variety. We then bring the outdoors back into the whole group, allowing it to reshape our relating to one another in unexpected ways, perhaps moving us to work in a less constrained and habit-bound way. Please see more information/booking on HACP's website

Wild Therapy 1-week Immersive Training:
Bringing Therapy into the Wild and Wildness into Therapy

Thursday 12th to Thursday 19th September 2019
Ragmans Farm, The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Ragmans Farm provides us with the perfect setting for our one-week immersive Wild Therapy training. With 60 acres of
beautifully managed organic farmland, nestled within the Forest of Dean, it sits on the edge between wildness and
domesticity. This is the edge we will be exploring within ourselves, dancing between our defensive strategies and our
innate wildness, expressive and free.

We will be exploring
• How to sit in the belly of the earth and directly experience its deep and unconditional holding
• Our human place in the community of all things
• Working on the edge between fear-based strategies and opening to our embodied wildness
• Connection to ourselves, others, and the more than/other than human
• What spontaneously arises in and around us in response to an enquiry with nature
• Feel into and be with the pertinent, magical, and innate wisdom of our wild community

This might be a journey for you as a therapist wishing to bring more wildness into your work, or it might be a personal
journey of experiencing more wildness in your life, or both. Whatever your intentions you are welcome to join us in the
stunning setting of Ragmans Farm, with woodland, orchards, wild life pond, hot tub, yurt and outdoor fire. The
accommodation is extremely comfortable with facilities to work, cook, and eat as a community. There is also room for
camping for those who wish to sleep and dream with the Earth.

Cost: 800 including accommodation and all meals. To book and for more detailed course information:
Contact: Jayne 07913656889- mail@jaynejohnson.co.uk or Leonie 07759007664 - leonieguest@talktalk.net

Wild Therapy Weekend workshop
July 12th-14th 2019, Pett, East Sussex

This weekend is an opportunity to step outside your normal everyday life and to re-member your wild heart and the heart of the wild. Hidden away in the beautiful Sussex countryside, we will be camping by a woodland yurt with outdoor cooking and fire. It will be time for reconnection in a time that desperately needs it.

On the weekend we will be exploring
-Connection to our embodied selves, others and the more than human
- Moving from habitual fear based response to wildness open and free.
-The spontaneous and innate wisdom of our wild community.
-What inhibits our connection to our innate wildness and creativity.

This journey is open to anyone seeking more wildness in life or work, if this calls there is a warm welcome awaiting around the fire on a voyage of wild discovery.

Cost 220 (concessions are available) includes all food Friday 4pm until Sunday 2pm
For more info or to book your place contact
Leonie Guest 07759 007664, leonieguest@talktalk.net
Fiona Hancock 07855 077494, fiona@innerway.co.uk

Wild Therapy one year course
                Unstone Grange, Unstone Derbyshire
      Facilitated by Jayne Johnson and Allison Priestman
March 2020 - January 2021

As the human world wakes up to our relationship with nature, and therapists of many kinds become aware of the crucial connections and disconnections between therapists, clients and nature, this training offers you the opportunity to re-connect with the natural world and to re-wild your practice. To immerse yourself in nature both outdoors and indoors, in mind and body, in the connections you experience in community, in yourself and with your clients.

Click here for further information

or contact
Allison Priestman at info@allisonpriestman.co.uk