Embodied-Relational Therapy
Workshops and Courses

Jan 30th-31st 2016

An Experience of Embodied-Relational Therapy

Allison Priestman, Stephen Tame

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This workshop offers the opportunity to explore an innovative body psychotherapy modality. It is also a good taster for the Embodied- Relational Therapy Training. ERT is an holistic integrative approach focusing on two facts about human beings: we are embodied and in relationship. To be alive we need to be a body, to be alive we need to relate to others; our greatest challenges and our greatest joys follow from these twin facts.
The weekends will be structured on the four phase model on which ERT is built, developing our skills of:

  • Contact - our ability to connect fully with ourselves, others and the world.
  • Information Gathering - being aware of and studying micro communications, using a wide range of information channels.
  • Amplifying, especially of body experience, e.g. through movement, breath-work, body symptoms and internal body sensations, and also ways to amplify relationship.
  • Integration - both in therapy and of the weekend.
January-June 2016
Brighton School for Embodied Therapy

Four weekend workshops
Tim Brown
440 for the whole course

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An introduction to modern Reichian body-centred therapies. For practitioners wishing to develop body-centred skills, people considering a move towards practice, and anyone wanting to deepen their self-understanding. The programme will include some theory, including essential concepts from body psychotherapy, plus practical demonstration, and experiential work.

Fundamentals of Deep Bodywork and Body Psychotherapy
Sat/Sun January 23/24

Body Dialogue and Process Work
Sat/Sun March 12/13

Contact, Movement and Touch in Body Psychotherapy
Sat/Sun April 16/17

Working with Trauma
Sat/Sun June 4/5
March 2016-January 2017
Derbyshire, Lancashire and London

Wild Therapy:
Bringing therapy into the wild, and wildness into therapy

One year course
Nick Totton and Allison Priestman
1850 payable in instalments

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An exploration and celebration of therapy's wildness: its capacity to transcend the limitations we place on our creativity and connectedness.

Working outdoors in comparatively undomesticated settings encourages us to bring the other-than-human and more-than-human – animals, birds, plants, trees, hills, rivers, winds, dreams, ghosts, spirits – into the therapeutic process. Spending
time ‘in nature’, as we say, can help us appreciate that we are never anywhere else, always inhabiting and encountering our own nature.

Wild Therapy supports the spontaneous and the unknown, trusting what arises of its own accord. It celebrates embodiment as a central aspect of our existence, moving back and forth between the training room and the spacious, elemental vessel of earth and sky, inviting us to transform fear-based, defensive practice into contact-based, adventurous practice: enriching both our therapy work, and life on earth. This year course gives you the opportunity to work with and
learn from wildness as it manifests in the client-therapist relationship.

Three residential workshops in increasingly wild settings, and a final weekend in the city.