Hélène Fletcher

Relational Body Psychotherapy and Ecotherapy

About me

I was born in France in 1948 and have lived in England for 52 years.

I started my therapeutic vocation in England and was an iridologist and naturopath for 10 years.

I hold a Diploma in Counselling and a Certificate in Bodywork in Counselling (Post Reichian). I have done considerable training in embodied psychotherapy and other models including Jungian, Gestalt, TA, psychodynamic, and Process Oriented Psychology. I am currently studying “Somatic Experiencing” (trauma healing) on line with Peter Levine to refresh my skills.

I have done experiential ecotherapeutic work with Joanna Macy and John Seed (Despair and Empowerment, Council of All Beings), Process Orientated Psychology, and Mary-Jane Rust ( Jungian analyst and ecopsychologist).

For 18 years I worked in private practice and for organisations (Nottingham Information Shop, West Yorkshire Police, Leeds Women Counselling and therapy Service, Leeds Market Place amongst others). I was part of an Independant Practitioners Network (IPN) member group for 10 years. In 2011, I decided to retire, wanting to develop my painting practice and moved to Cornwall in 2013. In April 2022 I moved to Sheffield

I now miss the therapeutic work and the community. Also I feel life on Earth has become much harder. So I wish to offer my skills and have opened a small practice again, working both face to face and online.

Relational Body Psychotherapy

My experience is that psychotherapeutic work happens in the space between the client and the therapist. So part of my work is to notice my emotional and bodily responses during a session as they help me to understand what is happening. I will sometimes share these responses if it seems appropriate and useful.

If you come to me for therapy, I may bring your attention to your breathing and posture as we talk. I will encourage you to breathe deeper, notice an emerging gesture, movement or sound and follow it if you wish to. So we can discover together the emotions and body sensations you have learnt to repress and how you are doing it in order to protect yourself and be in this world.

Witnessing how you have responded in your body to traumatic or difficult events in your life is essential if you want to stop repeating old patterns. Then we can together “make sense” and change your life story.


We are discovering that humans are ecosystems in constant relationship with other ecosystems and in constant movement in order to sustain life. So noticing when, how and why we humans disconnect from other than human species around us is a very important part of living in a sustainable way.

I have a garden and woods nearby we can visit to help you to reconnect with feelings, body sensations and personal stories.

Contact me

email or phone me on 0114 4386547

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