issue 20 - the issue that never happened!

A Bit of History - a little bit of history about Facelift and its origins... plus the best excuses we've heard to try and procure a free subscription

Elton Dean - issue 20 was meant to be a 'Sax Therapy' publication - Stephen Yarwood met Elton Dean and produced this fine article.

Didier Malherbe - part two of 'Sax Therapy' - this was intended to be a biographical piece - here it is produced 'warts and all' as the interview happened in a dressing room in Bury.

Lowlights - the editor's personal thoughts on when things didn't quite work out chez Facelift

Top 5 gigs - Facelift's regular contributors were asked to pen a few lines on their favourite Canterbury-related gigs over the years. A surprising number replied - here are their thoughts.