Bruford - Aston University, Birmingham 19 May 1979
My first chance to see Dave Stewart and Bill Bruford in person and indeed
Allan Holdsworth (who at this gig, and at about every other of the numerous
times I've seen him since, was too low in the mix).  Standing in the bar
before the gig  I'd been asked by Dave Stewart where the television room
was - I was happy to oblige being a student at Aston and so for several
months after this my main claim to fame.  I've always wondered though -
just what was Dave so keen to watch on TV prior to the gig? 

Richard Sinclair's RSVP - The Warehouse, Chester 8 June 1994
Great intimate atmosphere.  First time I'd seen Richard live since Camel's
'Rain Dances' tour back in the Autumn of 1977.  I got the feeling Richard
would have played all night if he'd been allowed to  This was a great
lineup with Pip Pyle, Didier Malherbe and Patrice Meyer with Richard
predominately on bass which I think for live shows is his best instrument.

In Cahoots - Cannonball, Birmingham  8 June 1991
This was like watching the band performing in your front room - the
Cannonball is a small room above a Birmingham back street (Adderley Street
- hence the name) pub.   There was no keyboard player  on duty so Phil
Miller was filling in with guitar synth and this gave the band a slightly
different sound.  An excellent performance including three pieces lasting
25 minutes each, all without ever getting boring for a second.

Brainville - The Wheatsheaf, Stoke-On-Trent 17 June 1998
It wasn't until some time after that I realised this was the first gig I'd
been to in years where I didn't have a pretty good idea what material I was
going to hear.  I'd no idea with this lineup if it was going to be all
improvised stuff or just songs or what.  In the end it was as all of these
and more.  An excellent show at a fine venue which is sadly no longer in

Allan Holdsworth - Bass Clef, London 24 February 1986
A quite magical evening in a tiny jazz club.  The queue to get in stretched
a good 200 yards down the road - fortunately I'd sent off for a ticket.
The performance part of the club held only about 100 with about the same
number packed into the restaurant area and watching the gig on closed
circuit TV!  Wave upon wave of incredible soloing from Holdsworth and
keyboard player Kei Akagi.

issue 20 - the issue that never happened!
- martin mycock's top 5 gigs