Bruford & Brand X   Liverpool University  15th May 1980
Promoting "Gradually Going Tornado" and "Do They Hurt?", respectively. I
arrived late to stand at the back of a crowded hall with the Bruford band
onstage. Terrible acoustics in the venue. Lots of orange lighting, Bill
Bruford's perspex tomtoms, John Clark smiled a lot. Energetic playing. Got
right to the front near the bass drum for Brand X who played a WILD set: superb chainsmoking drummer (Mike Clarke, I think), John Goodsall 'on something' perhaps, Robin Lumley giving marks for solos, loud....just superb.

In Cahoots     Nottingham Old Vic
In my opinion the best In Cahoots line-up : Miller,Dean,Lemer,Sinclair and
Pyle. Brief chats and autographs with M, S & P. Wonderful jazz-rock with a
brief interlude between sets.Pip Pyle an excellent drummer.

Cassiber, Skeleton Crew & Duck And Cover      ICA, London  28th August 1983
Afternoon concert in a small venue, part of Actuel 83. Cassiber were manic :
Chris Cutler's octopus-windmill drumming and using a monitor as percussion,
keyboard player dropping cassettes, scary rasping vocals. Skeleton Crew:
cloth-capped Fred Frith with suitcase of noise instruments and the late Tom
Cora: superb cellist. Duck And Cover: Dagmar, Frith, Cutler & one of the
German Cassiber guys. Fantastic - i remember some Art Bears stuff being
performed. Tim Hodgkinson in the audience. Barefoot Chris Cutler playing
beautifully painted kit.

I Belong To A World That's Destroying Itself    WOMAD, Bristol  19th July 1986
a.k.a the Annette Peacock group. In one of the smaller tents, on a beautiful
sunny afternoon not far from the sea. Band all wearing sunglasses, funky
rhythm section [possibly Ed Poole on bass], Annette P's daughter sang
delightfully on some numbers. Annette Peacock's keyboards and voice wonderful.

Annette Peacock & Roger Turner    Bobby Brown's Cafe, Nottingham  c.1985
Appallingly underattended afternoon gig [torrential rainfall that day was
partly to blame]. Roger Turner playing a convential kit (unusual for him),
vocalist Annette Peacock on acoustic piano  - brilliant. And she was very
dignified afterwards considering the 5 or 6 people constituting the tiny
audience. Good for selfish me as the place was quiet
to hear the artists.

issue 20 - the issue that never happened!
- the ooglenovastrome's top 5 gigs