We've been designing publications for print since 1990. We can commission printing and oversee the whole job though to delivery. It's worth drawing on our experience in this field and consulting us at an early stage.

To help you through the process of planning your publication, we have produced some help-sheets which deal with important issues in getting the best product - whether it's a flyer or an encyclopaedia.

We also design CD packaging, book jackets, maps and display materials.

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Help Sheets

Commisioning design and print can be a confusing process, so we have written some help-sheets to help get the best out of your relationship with us.

You can download and print the pdf files here.

The topics covered are:

1. Workflow 2. Printing 3. Using images 4. Environmental issues

You can also download an amusing 3D model to cut out and glue, which could be confusing and not at all helpful.

Confusing frog model

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