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Embodied-Relational Therapy

ERT is an initiative in therapy and healing based in the UK, started by Nick Totton from work developed with Em Edmondson, and now carried forwards by Nick together with Allison Priestman, Stephen Tame, Kamalamani and Jayne Johnson. The style is process centred and incarnation centred, approaching human beings as united bodymindspirit, perfect with a few local difficulties. Our nature seeks to express itself freely, while at the same time protecting itself in conditions often of great difficulty. This double task of expression and protection makes us subject to contradictory pulls, and offering double messages about what we feel, want and need. Through a relationship which is supportive and non-invasive, it is possible to disentangle our doubleness and allow our process to unfold - which is what has been trying to happen all along. For more information about ERT, click here

ERT Practitioners

Go to a list of ERT practitioners around the country.

 Embodied-Relational Therapy Training

The ERT training consists of three years, with a modular structure, so that each year is self contained but can only be taken after the previous year/s.  Year One gives a Diploma in ERT, Year Two gives an Advanced Diploma and Practitioner status, Year Three is a course in Wild Therapy.

Download a detailed flyer for the 2016 training intake here


ERThworks offers a range of long and short workshop courses. If you can't find information you want here, email us.