Wild Therapy: The Facilitators

Nick Totton Founder of Wild Therapy. I have been working as a therapist, supervisor, trainer and workshop leader since 1981, and have developed my own integrative approach to psychotherapy. I offer workshops and seminars on a range of themes, including embodiment, ecopsychology, and the politics of psychotherapy; and am the founder of, and a member of the training team for, the postgraduate training in Embodied-Relational Therapy. I live and see clients in St Blazey, Cornwall. 

Emma Palmer I'm a Bristol-based Embodied-Relational therapist, Wild therapist, supervisor, facilitator and writer. My therapeutic work is informed by my practice  ofecopsychology, my experience of Buddhist meditation and my love of weeding, planting and harvesting at our allotment.
Jayne Johnson I work as an Embodied Relational Therapist & Wild Therapist, indoors and outdoors, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorks. My work also includes my own version of Western Shamanism, connecting us with our roots in this Land we walk. I run workshops and trainings providing facilitation in wild and remote places for reconnection with Nature and the turning of the seasonal cycles. I am also a qualified Homeopath. My passion is for connecting community circles of like minded people and I run 3 Shamanic drumming circles in Lancashire and Hebden Bridge.

Allison Priestman I am an experienced Embodied-Relational Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer; working in private practise in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I have co-led the Embodied-Relational Therapy training with Nick Totton for the past six years. In 2006 I initiated GLOSNET (the Gloucestershire Networking Group for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) a county wide professional resource for practitioners. I am an accredited member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy and the Chiron Association of Body Psychotherapists. My aim is to create safe, stimulating and stretching training and supervisory learning environments. I enjoy gardening, nature and dance.

Stephen Tame I am an Embodied-Relational Therapist, trainer and supervisor with many years of experience. I have a particular interest in uncertainty, in not-knowing, and in the wisdom and adventure found in the following of subtle invitations. I’m interested in my clients’ relationship with the other-than-human, in their experiences of control and surrender in gardens, relationships and wild places. I live and work in South Devon, on the borderland of Dartmoor. www.stephentame.co.uk
Leonie Guest  I am a Core Process Psychotherapist (working both indoors and outdoors), Human Ecologist and mum. For me the magic of this work is noticing what spontaneously arises both internally and externally as we arrive more fully in our present experience.
Lucy Messervy I am an experienced Core Process Psychotherapist, having trained at the Karuna Institute. I am particularly interested in creating a space where a deeper embodied connection to our inherent aliveness in ourselves, the other, the group and nature can arise, and being curious about what gets in the way.