Hélène Fletcher


When I have been painting recently, I have noticed it is quite like the experience of being in a conversation with the canvas, the paint, my brush, my studio space, my memories, my imagination, my body sensations and feelings.

I could describe it like dancing with textures, colours, tones lines and shapes.
Building a new imaginary space.

In my last paintings, the shape of a boat appeared and I am staying with it for now.
I do not know if it is possible or even necessary to find its meaning.

I have a sense when the end of a painting is near because I feel very excited and for a while reconnected to my whole self and the rhythms of life. A kind of ecstasy.....

I want to be commited to a more sustainable way of painting and  I have been experimenting with making my own paints with pigments, egg and glue. I also curated two "Green Art" exhibitions exploring themes of environmental concerns,

Visiting Cornwall every year and experiencing its clarity of light has inspired many of my paintings. In April 2013 I moved to St Blazey, near St Austell in Cornwall; my studio is now at home. In December I became an associate member of the Penwith Society of Arts and Crafts in St Ives (www.penwithgallery.com).
From November 2016 till September 2017, some of my paintings were on show at the Arts and Crafts Gallery "Bohemia" in Penzance. 


Original paintings for sale

Archive of sold and not for sale paintings

Prints and cards of pastels for sale

Photographs for sale

My work as a body psychotherapist and ecotherapist


Swarthmore Centre, Leeds, Photography: 'Flowers of the Spirit', Oct 2001

Gallery One, Todmorden Arts Group, Todmorden, August 2007

Todmorden Open Exhibition, Town Hall, 3rd-5th November 2007

Arts Mill Gallery, Hebden Bridge,  Winter Art Fair, 22nd November 2007-13th January 2008

Ntama Studio Gallery, Christmas Exhibition, Todmorden, 23rd November 2007- 3rd January 2008

Northlight  Art Studios, joint exhibition with Johanne Deagan and Michael Horne, Hebden Bridge,  December 2007

Arts Festival Shop, 'Emergence', joint exhibition with Chris Czainski, Hebden Bridge, 11th-20th April 2008

Arts Festival Shop, 59 Steps Studio Autumn Exhibition, Hebden Bridge, 11th-12th October 2008

Northlight Art Studios, Back Door Gallery, 'In Your Dreams',  joint  Christmas exhibition,  Hebden Bridge, 6th-7th December 2008

Arts Mill Gallery, Spring Art Fair, Hebden Bridge, 13th may-21st June

Art Festival Shop, 'Green Art',a joint  exhibition exploring themes stemming from environmental concerns,  Hebden Bridge, 23rd-25th May 2009

Organic House Cafe, 'Organic Creations', pastels and prints, Hebden Bridge, 2nd-29th may 2009

Northlight Art Studios, Back Door gallery, joint exhibition '20-20', Hebden Bridge, 3rd-5th July 2009

The Bear Cafe, 'Organic creations', prints and pastels, Todmorden, 27th November till 24th december 2009

Northlight Art Studios, Back Door gallery,  'Small is Beautiful', Hebden Bridge, 5th-6th december 2009

Arts Mill Gallery, Winter Art Market, Hebden Bridge, 5th-19th december 2009

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Arts festival Gallery, "Water and Stone", joint exhibition with Rowena Beaty, Hebden Bridge, 2nd-3rd April 2011

Back Door, Northlight Studios, "Hebden, A Place in Mind", joint exhibition, Hebden Bridge, 1st-3rd july 2011

Halifax Art G allery, "Calderdale First Open Art Exhibition", joint exhibition, Halifax, 24th September- 30th October 2011

Brooklyn  Studios: "Autumn Salon", joint exhibition, Hebden Bridge, 1st-2nd October 2011

Water Street Gallery, "Small", Todmorden, joint exhibition, Todmorden, 4th November 2011-8th January 2012

Northlight Open Studios & Art Cafe, joint exhibition,  Hebden Bridge, 3rd&4th December 2011

Northlight Open Studios, Hebden Bridge, July 2012

The Old Gate, Hebden Bridge, October 2012-March 2013

Christmas Open, St Ives Society of Arts, December 2013

Winter Exhibition, Penwith Society of Arts, St Ives, December 4th 2013 - January 10th 2014

The Art of Small Things, Redwing Gallery, Penzance, December 2013

Open Studios Cornwall, 28 May-5 June 2016

Open Studios Cornwall, 27 May-4 June 2017

Penwith Gallery, St Ives, Small Paintings, 5 August-2 September 2017

POP Group Exhibition, Dower House, Lostwithiel, 28th September-12th October 2017


Chris Czainski, artist                                                                                        

Paul Czainski, artist                                                                                          

Pip Seymour, artist, teacher, writer and provider of natural artists products      
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Penwith Society of Arts

John Webb, Potter

Sue Davis, abstract painter