Facelift produced 19 issues from 1989 onwards. It was always intended to produce one final issue in 1999 to celebrate 20 issues and 10 years of the magazine.

For several reasons, this never happened, even though many of the magazine's regular contributors wrote material for the issue which has been included on this site in the issue 20 section.

I'm well aware that many readers were left with outstanding subscriptions which were never fulfilled. I've not forgotten about this, just not got round to doing anything about it! Most outstanding subscriptions were for 2 or 3 only, but I have been guiltily aware that some subscribers, particularly from overseas, paid up to issue 25 and beyond...

As a lot of you will be aware, Facelift was a non-profit making organisation, a real labour of  love, and money made on the magazine got ploughed back into making the next issue bigger, so much so that we were eventually able to produce issues in excess of 90 pages. In fact, overall, Facelift lost money, not thousands of pounds, but certainly in the hundreds, and it was always a hobby rather than a business.

Subscribers who've had contact with me since the magazine ceased publication have mostly said things like "have a pint on me", or "forget about it". That's great, but I would like to give people the chance to redeem their subscriptions in back issues, since I have many original copies of issues 12-19 still left, and freshly photocopied versions of issues 1-11 too. If you're unsure about whether you still had any credit, email me, and I'll check my database.

It seems very weird being 'out there' again in Canterbury world. Life's very much moved on for me (as I'm sure it has for you), and this website is very much about tying up loose ends.... Love to you all and thanks for all your support over the years...

Phil Howitt, January 2006