Life in Pictures: a visual diary by Mike Barrett

In November 1996 I was told I had cancer in my right kidney (the kidney was removed - and I'm ok now thanks). I started making a picture every day. Each pastel and collage picture is 20cm square. At first the pictures were therapeutic and about processes going on (or imagined to be going on) in my body. Slowly the subject-matter broadened to include details of my experiences, relationships, ideas and images of the cosmos. I stopped in 2003 after completing more than 2000 images.

Small book available price 5 GBP.


Mandalas are cosmic diagrams used for thousands of years in Tantric meditation and ritual. The 2 mandalas below are 5' x 5' pictures each made from 49 pastel drawings.

Files are available on CD ROM for printing full size (5 ft square) on an inkjet printer.
Price 40 GBP each. Available by email request from

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