Adam & Eve by Michael Barrett


This little book sets out to tell the story of Adam and Eve in words and pictures, revealing a lot more than the biblical version!
On the way, it grapples with big questions about suffering, death, sex and God.
And at the end, it is still smiling.

"Delightful, ...beautifully designed" - Philip Pullman

ISBN 0 9540653 0 164 pages, 60 b&w illustrations, A6 perfect bound. Price 5.00 GBP inc. p&p.
Click here to download a pdf file (436K) of the first part of this book.

Life in Pictures by Michael Barrett

Twelve miniature colour reproductions of pictures from the visual diary with comments, photographs and stories.
ISBN 0-9540635-1-X

Spiral bound, 48pages, 99 x 106mm, 12 colour reproductions on card, 5 GBP inc. p&p.

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One hour early-morning birdsong recorded by Mike Barrett in:
Hardcasle Crags / Kentmere/ Herefordshire

5.00 GBP each

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These CDs are mixed entirely from music bought from charity shops. After copying the tracks, the originals went back to charity shops. Featuring Bach, The Teletubies, Reginald Dixon, Maralyn Monroe, Puccini, Massive Attack The Treorchy Male Choir etc...Covers printed on the backs of old cereal packets.

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