This calendar shows dates for which Height Gate has confirmed bookings.

A blank space does not always mean it is free, since other bookings may still be in the pipeline

How to book

If you want to book for just one night, a weekend, or a week or more, please:

Here is a summary of conditions for the use of Height Gate, you can download the full Booking Conditions below.

Maximum group size is 30, for both fire safety and facilities provided. If you are camping in the field, it might be possible to accommodate a few extra people. The person booking and/or leading the group is responsible for ensuring that the group size is known in advance and not exceeded.

Amplified music, smoking or dogs are NOT permitted.

There are no bunks, just carpeted sleeping rooms, so you will need to bring mats and sleeping bags!

The access track is very steep and rough and there is parking for only two vehicles at Height Gate. Visitors usually walk up (about one mile). Our visitor notes clearly indicate where cars can and cannot be left at the bottom – please observe these

Space heating is mainly by two biomass wood pellet stoves (one of which also heats the water when it is running). The accommodation charge includes fully filled stoves plus a spare sack of pellets for each. If you use more pellets from our store, you should leave £5 per sack in an honesty jar in the fridge – cash or cheque. This saves the time and inconvenience of having to chase you up afterwards! Thank you.


Woodcraft Folk Groups

Sunday to Thursday £100 per night
Friday or Saturday £200 per night
Full Weekend Friday and Saturday only £275

Other groups

Sunday - Thursday £150 per night
Friday and Saturday £300 per night
Full Weekend Friday and Saturday only £400

Useful documents

You will receive the first three of these when you book, and the fourth is available in the building, but you may find it useful to look at them here:

  1. Booking Conditions
  2. Safety at Height Gate
  3. Visitor's Notes
  4. Evacuation Plan
  5. Guide to keeping things working